Peng! »Deutschland geht klauen«

—  Character Design & Illustration

»Bist du der sportliche Typ und rennst so schnell du kannst? Oder versuchst du es lieber möglichst unauffällig? Vielleicht bastelst du dir dein eigenes Equipment zum Klauen? Wir stellen dir verschiedene Varianten vor, um möglichst effektiv zu klauen.« Für eins der drei Videos der Kampagne »Deutschland geht klauen« des Peng! Kollektivs habe ich die Charaktere  und Illustrationen beigetragen.

»Are you the athletic type running as fast as you can? Or are you trying to be as inconspicuous as possible? Maybe you make your own equipment for snatching? We introduce you to different options to steal as effectively as possible.« For one of three videos that were part of Peng! Collective’s campaign »Supermarket Snatch« I designed the characters and did the illus­tra­tions.

Amazing Stickers

— Idea & Design

I am part of a DIY concert booking collective called S_he’s Amazing. We love music, cakes, friends, good times, all things DIY and a punk band called Team Dresch. »She’s Amazing« is one of their great songs and we chose to use it as our group name because it is empowering and super positive. However, »she« is exclusive to so many people who are ama­zing too, that we decided to change it into »s_he« in our collective name.

I liked the idea of having transparent stickers saying »S_he‘s amazing« with an arrow next to it to stick on mirrors in bars and public places, on posters, seats, benches, windows etc and finally realised the idea. If you would like to have some of these stickers, please get in touch.


Amazing Zine

— Idea, concept, realisation and cover design

This might be one of the nicest zines ever – a zine full of stuff about the little good things! It’s 60 pages packed with love letters, thank you notes, submissions about inspirational people, amazing things, lovely situations or just awesomeness in general.

27 participiants, 60 pages, German and English submissions
two color Risoprint cover, inside black & white, 3-4 €
Released at Queer Zinefest Berlin July 2018.

Would you like to take part in issue #2?
Here you can find the call for submissions.

Questions for Inspiration
Who or what is amazing for you?
Where’s the beauty in everyday life?
What lets your heart melt?
What makes you survive?
What brought you through a crisis or a shitty day?
What are your working self-care tips?
Who or what inspires you?
Who or what are you thankful for?
Is there a song that had an impact on you?
Send the love letter or thankyou letter you always wanted to write.
What is the most beautiful thing a stranger did for you?
What is the most beautiful story you’ve ever heard?
What makes you get up in the morning?
What is always fun no matter how many times you do it?
What are the unforgettable experiences you had in your life?
What makes you laugh?
What makes you cry for joy?
Who or what makes you happy?
What is your survival strategy?
What is a good day for you?
What is your working morning routine?
Is there something or somebody that changed your life?
Who or what made you a better person? …
Zine #1
  • NinaZina: Team Dresch is amazing
  • Ambika Thompson: Viv Albertine
  • Eve: the night kelley deal of the breeders talked to me / Musikhörparty / Danksagung Make Music Not Love
  • Genever
  • Verena Spilker: Dogs are amazing
  • Fee: You flower, you feast
  • durbahn: Wünsche in Sachen Mobilitäten / der Wärmflaschen HACK
  • Isabel: “I hate everybody” – oder warum ich Daria Morgendorffer liebe
  • Tom Moore: Two Song Comics
  • Von L. für N.: Ein Auszug aus einem Liebesbrief
  • Lexi: Östro430
  • e: Buttercreme
  • Constanze Grabowski: picturesque pizza
  • Finn
  • Sam Meyer: cuddling naked
  • Ruxandra C: sisters & stabilopozi
  • Lea Matika: Kinder+Hunde+
  • Sara Neidorf
  • Navina
  • René
  • Uli: Wenn man sich schon Illusionen macht
  • Mira de Gouges: Bruch
  • nina prader // ladylibertypress: Meine Bücher / Mama said
  • Sorm
  • Simo von Queer Trash Distro: My sibling is amazing
  • t.: dear a, this is a loveletter
  • dana: the bus to costa caparica / diana ross

Queerfeministischer Taschenkalender

— Character Design & Illustration

I was very happy to get asked to design the cover of Queer­feminis­tischer Taschenkalender 2018. The theme is »Resistance« and I wanted to have some genderneutral strong and colourful characters. You can see more info on the website of the publisher Edition Assemblage.

»Sex Still Sells«

— Illustration & Design

Broschüre Goldrausch

— Graphic Design

»Das Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt fördert die Durchsetzung herausragender künstlerischer Positionen von Frauen. Es ist ein unabhängiges berufliches Weiterbildungsprojekt für Bildende Künstlerinnen, in dessen Rahmen ein einjähriger, postgradualer Professionalisierungskurs und offene Workshops stattfinden.«

Jedes Jahr nehmen 15 bildende Künstler_innen am unabhängigen Postgraduiertenprogramm Goldrausch teil. Teil des Programms ist die Konzeption und Entwickung einer Broschüre über das eigene Schaffen in Zusammenarbeit mit eine_r Grafikdesigner_in.

Broschüre »Mates« Goldrausch 2016 für Bas Bas Backer





— Illustration

Paperdoll Illustrationen für die Titelgeschichte zum Thema Feminitäten in Ausgabe 02/2017

://about blank

— Illustration

A series of 3 illustrations for the monthly program flyer of ://about blank, a techno club in Berlin

Hi, I am a designer and illustrator in Berlin with a deep interest in DIY, sub and queer culture.


From 2007 to 2016 I put on around 100 gigs, screenings and lectures with a focus on queer/ feminist artists in Berlin as La Moustache. Occasionally I booked and co-booked European tours for mostly North American bands and sometimes joined them as their tour manager. In 2016 I co-founded a new booking collective called S_he’s Amazing.

I helped to organize several music festivals like Listen Up!, Up Your Ears and Ladyfest Berlin or put on events like Tom Tom Magazine and Missy Magazine release parties. Sometimes I hold workshops or am part of panel discussions about DIY culture.


I am a co-founder of queer comic zine Ethical Sloth, Make Out Magazine and Queer Zinefest Berlin.

For a couple of years I was the web mistress for Ladyfest Europe and also designed websites, logos, poster, t-shirts and flyer or made illustrations for lots of non-profit projects like Ladyfest Berlin, Ladyfest Hamburg, Ladyfest Oxford, Ladyfest Bordeaux, Berlin Queer Festival, Emancypunx, Girls Rock Camp Berlin, Up Your Ears, Listen Up! Festival, Lock Up Your Daughters, Make Out Magazine, Poopsy Club, Hugs & Kisses, fiber, qunst mag, Queer Feministischer Kalender, Feministisches Netzwerk, Other Nature and many more.




Kentucky Museum Of Art And Craft
Queer Festival Aalborg
Ladyfest Munich
Homo A Gogo, San Francisco
Kafe Kult Fest, Munich
Tante Horst, Berlin
Transnational Queer Underground Travelling Exhibition

Feel free to contact me – I am always up for new projects and collaborations!