Gig Poster 2016

Gig posters for shows organized by Berlin promoters/bookers Little League Shows, thirsty & miserable, La Moustache, Twintoe Records, fame:over and S_he’s Amazing.

Services: Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Gig Poster Decibelles and Pigeon at Schokoladen
Poster Schokoladen Hoffest
Gig Poster Naive Gloom Sleeper at Bei Ruth
Gig poster Eat My Fear and Blue Screen Of Death
Gig Poster Tall As Trees Kenny Kenny Oh Oh te:rs
Gig Poster Hot Tears Lianne Hall
Gig Poster Shh..Diam! and Razor Kunts
Gig Poster Aivery, Eat My Fear and Make Music Not Love
Gig Poster Dagger and The Holydrug Couple
Gig Poster Big Eater and Dulac
Gig Poster Gym Tonic and The Orions
Gig Poster Krank and Teenage Hate